Change is like a trapeze.  

Imagine you are hanging from a bar.  The rope is fraying and there's no net below. It's rational to hang on as long as you can. Being told to "let go" only makes things worse.  You need someone to bring a new bar within reach.

Shift Thinking helps organizations reach a new bar of exponential growth and transformative change by engaging customers and empowering employees.  New thinking leads naturally to new doing.

We identify a Shared Purpose to inspire and motivate everyone. Craft a Strategic Narrative to connect and differentiate in the marketplace. Build Decision Doctrine™ to empower and align the organization. And design Brand Orbits® to attract and engage customers and stakeholders.  

The result is a new bar that is well within reach.


Our work is based on four building blocks that foster exponential growth and transformative change.


Strategic Narrative

A point of view on how the purpose will be achieved, aligned to your brand DNA.
A shift from Consumer to Co-Creator. 

Shared Purpose

The mission that your stakeholders will achieve by working together.
A shift from FOR to WITH.


Brand Orbits®

Attracting customers into relationships beyond individual transactions.
A shift from Push to Pull.

Decision Doctrine™

The principles that empower employees to take action with alignment and autonomy.
A shift from Hierarchy to Network.



Clients usually begin with a Shift Summit™ - a one-day workshop to introduce new ways of thinking about marketing, organization, culture and strategy. 

Clients continue with Shift Expeditions™ - a one-to-two month engagement to craft a new narrative, design engagement strategies, or empower decision-making.


For deeper shifts, we orchestrate Catalyst Networks™ - coaching programs that build new mindsets, connections and competencies .


We offer a free consultation to explore how Shift Thinking might help you engage your customers, empower your employees and grow your business.  

Be in touch to begin your Shift Journey  



Mark has used Shift Thinking to accelerate change and growth of leading organizations in retail, health, non-profit, media, and technology.

Past clients include
ABC/Freeform, Adobe, Accenture, American Board of Internal Medicine, American Council of Life Insurers, American Heart Association, Banner Health, Brocade, GE, Jive Software, Kaiser Permanente, PWC, Staples, The Container Store, The Ford Foundation, Verizon, Whole Foods Market



"Mark’s coaching and workshops have been critical in helping us understand the new possibilities inherent in a community approach to our work. While this is easy to 'get' in a superficial way, Mark has a unique capacity to help you chart a path for shifting how you think about and do the organization’s work. Working with him has made a real difference."

– Jeff Bradach, Managing Partner, Co-Founder, The Bridgespan Group


"The health care industry is changing rapidly due to technological advances, regulatory changes, and disruptive business models. To succeed, we need to transform how we engage our customers, mobilize our resources, and compete in the marketplace. Coming into the organization, I needed a way to quickly align the team around a shared purpose. Mark led workshops for both the executive team and marketing team with a remarkable level of energy, insight and engagement. Everyone left with a shared language and mindset that has dramatically improved our ability to collaboratively design and execute our vision for the future."

– Alexandra Morehouse, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Banner Health


"Working with Mark at Shift Thinking has been of great strategic value for my business. Mark’s innovative thinking style has helped us apply our competitive advantage in a distinctive way that resulted in valuable social currency. He specifically helped us evolve our mission to more focused action around a shared purpose. This shift has helped us drive more pull to our company as we improved our approach to thought leadership."

Elisa Steele, Chief Executive Officer, Jive Software


"We have a small team but a big vision: to be the destination and community that inspires and satisfies people's curiosity about topics that matter. We knew where we wanted to go, but weren't sure how to get there. Mark Bonchek and Shift Thinking re-energized and aligned our team around our original vision. We even saw how the so-called leaders of our industry were still stuck in old ways of thinking. Our Shift Journey gave our diverse team of digital natives and industry veterans a shared language for creating exponential results."

– Tia Cudahy, Chief Operating Officer, CuriosityStream


"Mark is the secret weapon of executives who wish to lead in a digital age. Mark's extraordinary ability is synthesizing the perspectives of multiple senior stakeholders, and crystallizing a unified direction and approach that is provocative and differentiated, yet so clear and simple that people who rarely agree on anything all say 'of course!' "

– Gene Cornfield, Managing Director, Accenture Digital