Shift Thinking® is a mindset for success in the digital age
embraced by a growing community of leaders and organizations. 

This new language for business
reflects the new logic of value creation in a networked world. 

As catalysts for transformative change, we help
leaders and companies shift from the incremental to exponential.

To achieve breakthrough results, you can't just change what you do.
You first must change how you think.    

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Shift Thinking is a trusted catalyst for innovative companies pursuing bold strategies and transformational change.  

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Our speakers are a source of insight and inspiration for executive audiences at conferences and corporate events. 

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We work with a wide range of clients across many industries and sectors.
Here are a few companies that have embraced Shift Thinking:



Chief Epiphany Officer

Mark Bonchek, PhD, founded Shift Thinking to help leaders and organizations adopt a new mindset for growth and change. As an advisor, executive, entrepreneur, and scholar, Mark has been a pioneer on the frontier of business since receiving Harvard's first PhD on the topic of social media in 1997. He has launched new businesses, created award-winning programs, and advised global leaders for such organizations as McKinsey & Company, The Economist, IBM, Adobe, Kaiser Permanente and the American Heart Association.

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MJ Petroni

Chief Exponential Officer

As Chief Exponential Officer, MJ builds the business and technology platform for the Shift Experience, and helps other companies harness the power of platforms for exponential growth as a speaker, strategist and facilitator. His academic background is in a field of study called Cyborg Anthropology, which studies the relationship between humans and technology. MJ specializes in helping others understand the mental models necessary to navigate new technologies.

Since 2006, MJ has helped transform how hundreds of clients think about and work towards the future, including Volkswagen, Swift, Google and the Gates Foundation. MJ is also the Chief Executive Officer of Causeit, Inc., which operates the Shift Thinking platform. 

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MJ Petroni

Jessica Long

Chief Empowerment Officer

Jessica Long’s role as Chief Empowerment Officer puts her at the head of Shift’s certification program and learning design. She works with Shift clients in her role as a guide of Shift Expeditions, helping them integrate new mental models into their organizations’ workstreams.

Jessica has worked with the team since 2008 as a consultant, speaker and strategic researcher. When she’s not traveling the globe looking for new examples of cyborg culture, Jessica works with clients ranging from Volkswagen to startups, helping develop new strategies and apply new mindsets for the future.

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Jessica Long

Jennifer Crews

Chief Ecosystem Officer

Jennifer Crews is Shift’s Chief Ecosystem Officer, focused on client relationships, partnerships, offerings and business development. Jennifer is a freelance executive with 25 years of strategy, leadership and operational experience. Prior to founding Pearl Partners LLC in 2008 as a consulting practice for collaboration with entrepreneurial CEOs, she led multi-million dollar projects and businesses within large companies, such as Lucent Technologies and Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). 

Jennifer Crews


Shift Thinking is a systematic approach to value creation in a digital age:  a new way for leaders to think and for businesses to engage, organize, and compete. You can learn more about Shift Thinking by reading Mark Bonchek's regular column in the Harvard Business Review or by exploring the Articles and Video sections of the site.

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