Shift Thinking® is a method and a mindset for success in a digital age.  

Our mission is to expand the capacity for exponential growth and transformative change. We help leaders and teams unlearn outdated mental models and replace them with more powerful ways of thinking.

By studying the success of market leaders and the nature of digital technology, we have discovered a new logic of value creation. This logic applies to how companies engage their customers, organize their talent, and compete in the marketplace. 


Customers are no longer passive consumers; they are co-creators. Brands can't just broadcast to audiences by pushing messages; they must create communities that pull customers into orbit as an ongoing relationship.

For organizations, the management imperative is no longer consistency, but flexibility. Old models relied on a linear process to maximize control; new models of governance empower teams and achieve alignment and autonomy. 

It's not enough to create value with a superior product. You need to enable others to create value around a shared purpose. Supply chains and distribution channels are giving way to ecosystems and business platforms.