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Thank you for attending Mark Bonchek's keynote on "Building Brand Orbits" at the 2017 Masters in B2B Marketing C0nference.  

Through the form below, you can learn more about Brand Orbits and other ways to shift your thinking for breakthrough results.  

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Mark Bonchek writes a monthly newsletter with the latest insights and activities coming from Shift Thinking
Brand Orbit Primer
Mark has written a short book outlining the key concepts in Brand Orbit and the shift from push to pull.
Brand Gravity Assessment
By popular demand, we are developing an assessment tool to measure the strength of a brand's gravity field.
Exponential Mindset Webinar
On June 6, Mark Bonchek is leading a webinar with Singularity University on Exponential Thinking.
HBR Articles
Mark writes a regular column for Harvard Business Review. We can send you his most popular articles in the following areas:
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We welcome your questions and epiphanies, as well as potential opportunities to bring Shift Thinking and Brand Orbits to your organization.