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View the Recording of "Say Goodbye to Hollywood: a Webinar on Strategic Narrative"

For years, Madison Avenue and Wall Street have looked to Hollywood for a model of how to tell stories. But what works for Game of Thrones won't work for cloud computing--and what entertains someone for an hour won't necessarily engage them for a lifetime. 

Companies today are facing two challenges:

  • How to tell new kinds of stories to all their constituencies.  This might be to employees about digital transformation, to investors about market differentiation, or to customers about new products and services.

  • How to tell more engaging and integrated stories. In the age of social networks, you can't control message the way you used to, and you can't say different things to different audiences. What really matters is not what you say, but what people say about you to each other

If you've worked with me, you know I’m not interested in being a Chicken Little who tells people the sky is falling. I like to teach people how to build roofs. And a strong strategic narrative is one of the best roofs your brand can have.  

I've developed a new model of strategic narrative, designed for organizations competing in a digital age. I’ve seen its power working with companies across a wide range of sizes and industries, including retail, professional services, health care, finance and technology. I’ve even used it to help one of the stars of Hamilton, Mandy Gonzalez, launch her solo career.  

On Friday, October 27, I held a free webinar on strategic narrative. I explained the seven elements of the model, showed examples from market innovators, and conducted a brief clinic to show how quickly the method can yield breakthrough results.   

If you're interested in learning more about Strategic Narrative:

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  • Read more about Strategic Narrative in some of my articles. You can view a listing below or in the Articles section here on Shift Thinking.
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