Shift Summits™ are intensive workshops that energize and align teams around a shared purpose.  Team members emerge with a clear direction, common language, and renewed sense of opportunity.

Shift Summits are customized to each clients' individual needs and objectives.  Half-day sessions embed new thinking.  Full day sessions apply this thinking to a specific problem or opportunity.

Building blocks for the Shift Summits include:

Mental Models
Digital Disruption

Shared Purpose
Strategic Narrative
Social Gravity™

Brand Orbits™
Social Facets™
Social Currency™
Little Data™

Network Leadership
Organizational Doctrine
Platforms & Ecosystems

Clients can also choose which of the core shifts to emphasize in the Summit, or else we can work to identify the shifts specific to your company or industry.

Consumer to Co-Creator
Transactions to Relationships
Hierarchy to Network
Push to Pull
Control to Empower
Information to Algorithm
Isolated to Interconnected
Product to Platform

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