If you have taken the quiz, then congratulations! You've just taken an important step towards becoming a Shift Thinker. When you know how you think, it gets much easier to change what you think and what you do.  It also makes it easier to help other people change their thinking and therefore their behavior.  

Here's a short video from HBR with an overview of the eight styles.


One thing to remember --- the quiz result only reflects your most natural thinking style. Everyone uses all of the styles at various times.

For example, you might use Explorer thinking when you are brainstorming, Expert thinking when you are researching a major purchase, Optimizer thinking when you are organizing a room, and Coach thinking when we you are parenting or mentoring.  

But while we use all of the styles at different times, almost everyone has one or more styles that are their "go-to" styles. These are the most natural and often the most fulfilling.  

Ideally, you can organize your work so that you can use your most natural styles, and compose your teams so that everyone complements each others' styles given the nature of the work.

If you are interested in learning more, the following articles from Harvard Business Review.  

You can also invite your friends and colleagues to take the quiz. It's a powerful exercise to create a "heatmap" of a team's thinking styles.  

We'll be releasing tools soon that make this easier to do.  If you didn't give us your email when you took the quiz, be sure to sign up for the Shift Thinking newsletter below so we can send you more information.