Shift Thinking is the mindset for success in a digital age. We have developed a new language for business that reflects the new logic of value creation. Our work deepens relationships, strengthens culture, and builds an enduring capacity for growth and change. We enable leaders and organizations to shift from the incremental to exponential. By placing the emphasis on how to think over what to do, we empower a permanent shift in performance.  

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Mark Bonchek is a trusted catalyst for innovative companies pursuing bold strategies and transformational change.  

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Mark Bonchek is a source of insight and inspiration for executive audiences at conferences and corporate events. 

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Mark works with a wide range of clients across many industries and sectors.
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Chief Epiphany Officer, Shift Thinking

Shift Thinking was founded by Mark Bonchek, PhD, to help leaders and organizations adopt a new mindset for growth and change. As an advisor, executive, entrepreneur, and scholar, Mark has been a pioneer on the frontier of business since receiving Harvard's first PhD on the topic of social media in 1997.    

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Shift Thinking is a systematic approach to value creation in a digital age:  a new way for leaders to think and for businesses to engage, organize, and compete. You can learn more about Shift Thinking by reading Mark's regular column in the Harvard Business Review or by exploring the Thinking and Writing sections of the site.

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