Mark Bonchek, Phd

Mark Bonchek, Phd

Welcome to your Shift Expedition® on Strategic Narrative. I’m your guide, Mark Bonchek, the founder of Shift Thinking. 

The purpose of this Expedition is to give you a new way of thinking about digital storytelling that creates more enduring and authentic engagement and differentiation. This Expedition is a follow­up to my recent webinar, "Say Goodbye to Hollywood." If you didn't catch the webinar live, you're welcome to go back and watch the recording here.

What to Expect

At each destination of the Expedition we’ll review a key element of the Shift Thinking approach to Strategic Narrative. You’ll see examples of each element from companies you know. And you’ll get a simple exercise to start applying the method to your own business.

This worksheet will walk you through the journey. After each destination, you can fill in a few notes on your thoughts on the exercise to keep your journey moving forward.

I think you will be amazed at how quickly you can start to see new opportunities open up when you change how you think before trying to change what you do. 

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Download the Narrative Guidebook as a PDF

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