Our work is based on four building blocks that foster exponential growth and transformative change.


Strategic Narrative

A point of view on how the purpose will be achieved, aligned to your brand DNA.
A shift from Consumer to Co-Creator. 

Shared Purpose

The mission that your stakeholders will achieve by working together.
A shift from FOR to WITH.


Brand Orbits®

Attracting customers into relationships beyond individual transactions.
A shift from Push to Pull.

Decision Doctrine™

The principles that empower employees to take action with alignment and autonomy.
A shift from Hierarchy to Network.



Clients usually begin with a Shift Summit™ - a one-day workshop to introduce new ways of thinking about marketing, organization, culture and strategy. 

Clients continue with Shift Expeditions™ - a one-to-two month engagement to craft a new narrative, design engagement strategies, or empower decision-making.


For deeper shifts, we orchestrate Catalyst Networks™ - coaching programs that build new mindsets, connections and competencies .


We offer a free consultation to explore how Shift Thinking might help you engage your customers, empower your employees and grow your business.  

Be in touch to begin your Shift Journey