Mark has addressed leaders in a wide range of industries, from technology to media to healthcare. Past speaking clients include Adobe Systems, American Board of Internal Medicine, American Heart Association, GE, Harvard University, Staples, Verizon and more.

Here's what clients say about Mark:


“Mark, your presentations were brilliant. You led an eye-opening analysis of the digital revolution and the major transformations that are resulting. You helped create an energizing and thought-provoking experience for our attendees, reflecting on concepts that impact our personal lives as well as our efforts to improve health in the workplace setting."

– Nancy Brown, CEO, American Heart Association


"Mark was a dramatically effective speaker at a key moment in our organization’s journey. Many of our board members were skeptical of 'one more consultant,' but many left the meeting saying, 'he really changed the way I think about the world,' and one said, 'it was worth it to fly across the country just to hear Mark Bonchek.' What he had to say was incredibly smart, well-delivered and, frankly, different from what one is used to hearing from 'big thinkers' in that it was a special combination of original and actionable."

– Richard J. Baron, MD, President and CEO
American Board of Internal Medicine and ABIM Foundation



"Mark skillfully brought our cross-functional teams together and helped us establish a shared context and vision for our solution. We gained a huge advantage by having a shared vocabulary and a set of examples and stories that helped our team move in the same direction faster than ever before."

Wiebke Liu, SVP, Lifecycle Marketing, Apollo Lightspeed



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