To understand the internal dynamics of transformative change, Mark accepted a position as the SVP of Communities and Networks for Sears Holdings, where he was responsible for creating a strategic narrative for the company’s transformation and the SHOP framework for multi-channel retail (Store|Home|Online|Phone).  

Mark’s experience at Sears Holdings revealed that it wasn’t enough to do digital. You also had to think digital. And this new kind of thinking wasn’t about how to use technology. It was about the core insight that Mark discovered in his original research: digital technology fundamentally changes the flow of communication and the relationship between individuals and organizations. Engagement is no longer about pushing messages through channels to drive transactions, it’s about creating ORBITs (Ongoing Relationship Beyond Individual Transactions).





In 2012, Mark left Sears to start the consultancy thinkORBIT helping companies develop engagement strategies that pull customers, employees, and partners into orbit around their brand. Clients of thinkORBIT have included Kaiser Permanente, Staples, Adobe, Briggs & Stratton, Jive Software, and the American Heart Association.  


Shift Thinking


Mark’s work with thinkORBIT clients revealed that the shift from push to pull is only one of the mental shifts required to succeed in our digital age. There are many others as well, including product to platform, audience to community, consumer to co-creator, and hierarchy to network. This led to the development of the Shift Thinking approach, and the creation of a new catalytic consulting platform, Shift Thinking.


To accelerate the adoption of Shift Thinking, Mark is a frequent speaker and regular columnist for the Harvard Business Review. As recognition for his insight and contribution, Mark was also recently named to the Agenda Digital 50 list of board candidates by The Financial Times.  



The first Shift Academy Summit was held in 2014, providing an interactive forum for Shift Thinkers from across the country to convene for an immersive experience in new thinking.

Visit the Shift Academy site to watch videos and learn more about the Summit.

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