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Mark Bonchek is in the epiphany business. His talks do more than educate and engage. They produce profound insights into the challenges and opportunities of business in the 21st century. Mark's message of transformative change and exponential growth is relevant for leaders at every level and for organizations in every industry. Through the framework of Shift Thinking, Mark delivers a powerful prescription for how to organize, engage, and compete in the digital age.

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"BRAND ORBITS"  //  SHIFT Summit, June 2014



Mark's presentations are customized to client's individual needs and objectives. He identifies the shifts happening in your industry and the conceptual "power tools"  that will spark epiphanies for your audience.

Mark's message is perfectly suited to professional audiences, whether executives and leaders, managers and teams, or employees and customers. Mark is experienced in delivering keynotes to large audiences, facilitating retreats, hosting conference panels, and conducting team workshops . 

Sample topics are listed below; contact us to discuss your specific needs.




Updating our mental maps
for a new business landscape

Today’s rapidly changing landscape of business and society has made our mental maps obsolete. In the 20th century, value was created by mass production, and engagement by mass communication. In the 21st century, value is created by mass collaboration, and engagement by network communication. Leaders need to shift their thinking: from product to platform, hierarchy to network, audience to community, and push to pull.
Strategy, Change, Innovation, Communication, Digital Trends, Learning



Generating gravity to pull in customers,
employees, and partners

Digital technology is forcing marketers to rethink brand relationships and reinvent customer engagement.  Market leaders like Nike, Sephora, Apple, and Adobe are making a shift from push to pull, creating gravity fields that pull customers, employees and partners into orbit around their brands.  Learn how to create your own brand orbits with a shared purpose, strategic narrative, social currency, peer connections and little data.
Marketing, Engagement, Branding, Customer Relationships, Loyalty



Letting go without
losing control

Leaders today face a dilemma in how to manage and govern their organizations. They want to empower their people to innovate and adapt, but fear too much autonomy will cause confusion or chaos. Is there a way to transcend the tradeoff between alignment and autonomy? Organizations as diverse as U.S. Special Forces, Google, and Wikipedia provide a roadmap for distributing power and aligning effort. The secret is a set of principles that guide decision-making under changing circumstances. 
Leadership, Governance, Management, Networks, Holacracy



Unleashing the potential
of the social revolution

Social media like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way we connect, communicate, and stay informed. But what does it all mean? And where is it all going? This talk will reveal why digital technology is so disruptive, and why the biggest changes may lie ahead. You will learn the power of many-to-many communication and gain insight into the next digital revolution, as the "Internet of Things" becomes the social network of things. If you have people who still don’t “get social,” this is the talk for them.
 Social Media, Data, Technology, Internet of Things, Co-Creation



To change how you work,
first change how you think

Albert Einstein once said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." The essence of innovation is therefore as much about unlearning as learning. In this talk, you will learn to recognize your own mental models, identity those that stand in your way, and create new ones for yourself and others. The ability to unlearn is relevant for anyone involved in innovation, from salespeople selling innovative products to leaders fostering innovation in their companies.   
Learning, Change, Growth, Innovation, Co-Creation, Transformation



Storytelling in a world of infinite
channels and impossible expectations

Many organizations today are struggling to tell a compelling story about who they are and what they do.  The reason is that not only have we seen a proliferation in channels, but these channels have blended together along with an explosion in what stakeholders expect of organizations in value and values. In this talk, learn a powerful approach to strategic narrative that creates an authentic, consistent and compelling story built around a shared purpose, designed around a human connection, and aligned to your brand DNA.
Communication, Brand Innovation, Engagement, Strategy